"Wellness means being able to maintain my personal mental and physical health as well as that of my family. It means not having to choose between that and performing at work."

Zeshaan Maan, MD

Former Stanford Plastic Surgery Resident

"Physician and staff wellness is not just something we talk about it, it's a core value in our division, from faculty and staff to trainees, we are committed to caring for our community's physical, psychological, professional, and social wellbeing."

Matthew Murphy, MD, PhD

Stanford Plastic Surgery Wellness Director

Wellness Committee

  • FACULTY: Matthew Murphy, Dung Nguyen
  • RESIDENTS: Arhana Chattopadhyay,  Allison Hu, Kelsey Lipman, Farrah Liu, Rachel Pedreira, Robin Wu, Anna Zhou
  • STAFF: Christine Reyes-Santos, Laksman Veeravagu

Wellness Resources List

Childcare, Maternity, Local Favorites

Our Initiatives

Balance in Life (BIL) Program

This program includes annual team-building retreats, confidential group sessions for each PGY class facilitated by a trained psychologist, and time off to attend personal medical appointments. 

Wellness Sessions

The purpose of wellness sessions is to provide protected time for resident wellness assessment and intervention. Our licensed clinical social worker, Jordan Chavez, meets with residents in scheduled small and large groups in addition to offering 1:1 sessions as needed. Together, they identify challenges and successes and work to formulate solution-focused interventions to improve residents' experience and wellbeing. One of Jordan's primary goals is to be an accessible, familiar resource in order to reduce barriers that prevent residents from getting the support they need, whatever that may entail.

Resident Appreciation Day

Once a year, our residents' are excused from the duties to participation in a "Resident Appreciation Day." During this day, faculty are grouped with residents to participate in various social activities, from riding bikes on the Golden Gate Bridge to playing a round of golf at Stanford Golf Course. 

"Sib" Program

 The big sib/little sib program has been set up for the senior residents to mentor the junior residents. This is one of many ways our division builds community and gives senior residents an opportunity to serve as a mentor.  The interns will be pair-up with a senior resident that they can use as a resource for navigating the challenges of residency.

Social Events

Throughout the year, faculty and trainees have the opportunity to participate in various social events. Mainstays of these include a monthly happy hour and our annual welcome picnic.

Helpful Links

  • Stanford WellMD - WellMD Center offers a variety of programs to promote physician wellness from mindfulness to physical fitness. 
  • Department Wellness Page - Our department's wellness page including more information on wellness initiatives and the Balance in Life (BIL) Program.