Transition to a 7-Year Program

Prospective Applicants to the Stanford Plastic Surgery Integrated Residency Program:

The Stanford plastic surgery program is undergoing a transition from a 6- to a 7-year program with one year (12 months) of mandatory research, bio-innovation, or international mission trip. We currently have approval by the governing bodies of plastic surgery including the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and by the plastic surgery Residency Review Committee (RRC). Applicants should understand that this would be a secure residency program pending approval by the RRC and ACGME. Stanford Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited training program and received the maximum accreditation length by the RRC in May 2009, as well as earned a commendation for our educational program.

At this time, applicants for the entering PGY-1 class of 2016, should anticipate that their total length of training will be 7 years.

Acknowledgement of Understanding

Prospective applicants who rotate at Stanford or who interview in person at Stanford are asked to print and sign the following Acknowledgement of Understanding. Please return it to the Residency Program Coordinator to be kept on file. General applicants do not need to sign this form.

I have read the above statement, and understand that if I match into the Stanford Integrated Plastic Surgery Program that I am a committed to 7-years of training.


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