Inside PSTM 2023: Stanford Plastic Surgery Recap

November 3, 2023

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons held its Plastic Surgery: The Meeting conference this past weekend in Austin, TX. In addition to trainees presenting their research and faculty moderating panels, there were several highlights for Stanford Plastic Surgery:

  • Faculty Dr. Gordon Lee led Essentials of Leadership graduation reception.
  • Resident Dr. Ruth Tevlin won the best of the best for her talk “Acellular Dermal Matrix Modulation of the Breast Microenvironment During Breast Reconstruction," which won at #CSPS23 this year. ⁠
  • Resident Dr. Farrah Liu won the Top Individual Score Award for the entire Resident Bowl tournament!⁠
  • Residency Program Manager Christine Reyes-Santos completed her tenure as President of ⁠ ACEPS Program Coordinators Board.