The STaRS Internship Program

Mission Statement

“Bringing together the brightest students from all around the world, the STaRS internship strives to mentor the next generation of professionals in the field of medicine and biomedical research.”

That inspiring mission statement was composed by a group of 2020 STaRS interns, and it perfectly captures our intention for this program. Every year, our objective is to bring together a global community of individuals to explore the endless possibilities of regenerative medicine.

2020 was a memorable, first-of-its-kind experiment, courtesy of COVID19. Rather than being surrounded by microscopes, test tubes and chemicals, they each joined us from their bedrooms, living rooms, and basements. The whole sheltering-in-place was new for our mentors too, who were challenged to transform STaRS into a virtual program. We all recognized at the onset that there were going to be plenty of obstacles to “distance learning”: struggling to understand an assignment, easy to get distracted, unreliable internet- you name it. But we were in it together, and our interns embraced the epic shift with aplomb. We navigated an uncharted virtual territory with imagination, perseverance, determination, and humor. We learned and problem-solved and created like we had never learned or problem-solved or created before. And when we failed, we tried again. This was one of the best STaRS year, ever, all thanks to the most resilient group of interns and inventive group of mentors. We don’t quite know what the world will look like in the summer of 2021, and whether our internship will be virtual or face-to-face. We hope that regardless, you will join us as we continue to (re)generate the future of medicine!